Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joy ride

Yes. In a city whose narrow roads are almost choking with traffic, I find my bus rides a pleasure. Two hours. That's how long it takes me one way — home to work. So, on an average I spend four hours travelling.
Days when I get to sit the entire two hours and get the buses on my route on time, one after the other, it is clockwork. It is just blissful! Like today. It seemed a perfect day. Got the bus on time and then lucky me, even had the option to choose a seat. Just that brought in so much change in the way I looked at things today. It wasn't hot, in-your-face-bright anymore, but a pleasant, sunny day. Every time the driver honked it was music to my ears. Even when the conductor gave back just Rs 20 and announced he'd give the remaining Rs 50 later, I just smiled an okay!
See, what a world of difference a seat can make?
I got time to think — random things, stared at nothing and generally felt at peace with the world around me. The ten minute walk to work didn't sap me out either. On the way back, it was the same story. It made up for all those days when I hang by the rod near the entrance hoping and praying that I don't spill out ... yes spill out of the bus. Days like these dissuade me from getting my own vehicle on the road or for that matter renewing my learner's license.
I'll tell you five reasons you should hop, jump and climb that bus :
1. It is fun
2. It helps ease traffic
3. It heals the wallet
4. and the lungs
5. and keeps your BP in check!
It is a No-hassles ride*. You don't have to bother the traffic, or the faulty tripping meter and all this saves you with lots of energy and cash at your disposal. I think it is time the BMTC hires me as their PR! What say?

(* there are worse days when you are standing on one foot, those are the tiring times when you don't mind paying that damn one-and-a-half meter charge)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Been there, seen that

And now I need something for posterity. After all, there's only so much that ones brain can retain. So at 60, I could just direct my grandchildren to the blog. Now, that's long term. But for now, I'd dedicate this space for purely creative pursuits.
What you'll find here are accounts of visits to — galleries, book stores, theatres, shows and performances. I usually have an opinion and I guess, this is where I'll have it known. This space is about me and things that interest me could be things, people or places.