Monday, November 30, 2009

Why do I feel so negative?

People around me, disgust me! Yeah, that’s what this is about. Pseudo-types who pretend to care, but don’t. I wish I could be them, sometimes, I do. Then again, I wouldn’t want to live with that sort of me.
We are so engrossed feeding the myth into society that we are even living it. It’s about that day, that moment – no background check, no follow-ups, certainly no tracking – it’s forgotten just as it was remembered – instantly.
I can’t plaster a smile when I want to punch you in your face. That’s why these days I walk with a frown, that’s as close to being civil I can get.
I have nothing against any one, I have everything against everyone.
We are so worried how good our poker-straight hair look that we spend hours preening in the parlour. Nothing wrong with that, just don’t sit in an A/C room and worry about the less fortunate. You aren’t helping.
Neither am I, and that’s bothering me. Need to get out there and help, any one who needs it, and not because I’m privileged, no because I am human. Because as an intrinsic trait, I feel the need to share – a skill, a joke – anything that brings a smile to those who have far more uncertain lives than you and me.
On a day, when I’m struggling to key-in 500 words, this surprises me. So, it’s not like I’m losing touch – not affected by writer’s block (don’t believe it, anyway!), just that I’m doing lame things that are eating into my time.
Hmm … even watching TV is a task I don’t want to do! Yes, so inspiring it is at this point in time. Time to fix it! Or what’s the difference between the pseudo-types and me? Nothing we are all same, and I guess I’m a bigger loser to let things go by. Okay, need to act and act right. There’s an action plan forming in the head, just need inspiration to follow through.
Calling inspiration? Texting inspiration? Where are you Inspiration?!

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