Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Firangi Paani & I

Meet the pretty flower. As I walked in to the British Library, noticed the flower drop and land on the kadapa tile. I had an impluse to pick it up, but decided against it and went in anyway. Minutes later, as I stepped out, the flower lay on the rough tile, so fresh and beautiful that I didn't have a heart to leave it there.

Placed neatly between my fingers it covered my ring and 'pretended' to be a finger 'ring'. A lovely dash of dark pink, slight yellow and just enough white! And we walked hand-in-hand. The next stop was a fancy-shawancy 'beer place' apparently the only microbrewery in town. (I'm not giving names, search online)

As my friend went in to click some pictures (she's writing about this place) - we sat there on a nice old-fashioned bench, painted a worn-out sea-green. And that's where the little photo shoot occured.

It's not a brilliant shot, but I just needed to capture the crisp flower against the bench.

After so much 'work' (we visited a gallery, then the library :p)it was time for 'coffee time'. And the next shot was there ... sitting at the table, almost passing off as decoration, (or so I think :))

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