Monday, August 15, 2011

Freedom lesson from the Mall - Part 2

Okay, so today was a day of learning. I was at the counter again! Well, ya, last minute shopping. Anyhow, after the shocker I decided it was wise for me to allow my sister to get the goodies billed. I stood close-by.

And I noticed, the girl in front of my sister had this very boho-look, wow! Anyhow, she seemed to have shopped a lot - the piled clothes hid the guy behind the counter. As he finished billing and the piling reduced to show his face, he told the boho-girl the bill, she gave him her card.

Seconds before swiping he tells her, "And ma'am, there will be a Rs5 charge."
Boho-girl asks, "Why?"
Billing Guy replies, "For the plastic cover."
Boho-girl - "Plastic what?"
Billing Guy - "Cover, ma'am."
Boho-girl - (pauses and slighty peeved) - "Now, you want to make money from this too."
Billing Guy - "Ma'am it is per government rule ma'am."
Boho-girl - "Ok, just put everything in one bag! HMPF!"

Now, my sister & I were grinning from ear-to-ear. Her reaction was not surprising. We carry our own bag. Well, we aren't mall rats and we do have this habit, formed recently. And yes, we even carry it to the mall.

Then again, Boho-girl wasn't happy, yet she was at the Freedom sale. Are we realy free? We need a sustainable approach and it means tweaking our ways. And the less plastic the better. Yet, Boho-girl felt she was being cheated, why should she be charged for plastic cover. I am sure, she would have gladly campaigned for a GREEN EARTH, yet she was here unable to join the dots.

Suggestion - Boho-girl - a big jhola( cloth bag) will complete your look.

Happy Independence Day!

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